Resurrecting the sponge ghosts

Calcisponges have a ParaHox gene and dynamic expression of dispersed NK homeobox genes.

A new study, published today in Nature, reports the analysis of new sponge genome sequences that reveal the presence of genes previously unknown from so early in animal evolution.This means that the earliest animal, living over 600 million years ago, was genetically more complex than previously appreciated.

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The Amazing Amphioxus

An evolutionary leap made at the bottom of the ocean over 500 million years ago gives new insights into the causes of human diseases such as diabetes, cancer and neurological disorders, according to newly published research from scientists at the Universities of St Andrews and Dundee.

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Amphioxus genome project

Publicity for the amphioxus genome project, June 2008, including an interview with BBC Radio Scotland, and articles in The Daily Record, the Scottish Sun, The Courier and the Press and Journal newspapers.

Science Week

2009 Science Week, University of St Andrews public exhibition, “Animals of the seashore”. 7th March 2009.