Visit of Coaltown of Balgonie primary school (October 2019)

Thanks to Coaltown of Balgonie primary school for helping us to christen our new SOI outreach space with lots of wet wellies and socks after a morning on the rock-pools of East Sands. Lots of hermit crabs, winkles, shrimps, anemones, brittle stars and whelks, as well as one or two fish and some interesting worms. Cold and wet, but still happy and smiling at the end!

Explorathon 2017

The Explorer Scouts carried out a litter pick on East Sands on Saturday 30th September as part of Explorathon 2017. We managed to clear 23.5kg of litter from the beach and discussed the environmental hazards of litter at the seaside, particularly for plastics.


Thanks to the Scouts for a job well done!

Guardbridge primary school visit

Guardbridge Primary School visited East Sands to explore the rock-pools on Tuesday 13th June, 2017. A pipefish and butterfish were some of the highlights amongst the many hermit crabs and sea anemones, and quite a few wet feet!

Coaltown of Balgonie P4/5 visit East Sands and the Gatty

25th May, 2016.

The P4/5 class from Coaltown of Balgonie primary school came to explore the wildlife of the East Sands rock pools with Dr David Ferrier.

Buckets were rapidly filled with whelks, winkles, hermit and shore crabs, along with several bright red sea anemones. Other finds included keelworms, scale worms, a blue-rayed limpet and several fish, including a butterfish, several shannies and some young pollock.

Back in the lab of the Gatty Marine Laboratory everyone got a chance to hold starfish, poke sea anemones and get a closer look at mussels and barnacles, as well as testing the strength of empty limpet shells… they needed to be jumped on before they broke!

Any school groups wishing to arrange a similar activity can contact Dr David Ferrier at [email protected].


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